Sunday, 12 February 2012

More Blood Tests

After a week of disappointment and thinking about what next both of my brothers have offered to be tested to see if they are a blood match with me - if they are we'll arrange some for more cross match tests to see how many tissue matches they are.

Pete (my older brother) had a blood test to find out his blood type last week but they couldn't read the label written by the person who took his blood so wouldn't process it - he's going to give more blood again this week.

Andy (my younger brother) will have a test too this week - he is fairly certain of his blood type already as its on his blood donor card. He's an A+ same as me - if his test confirms this it would be good.

I've explained the process to them both and sent them these links to kidney transplant information leaflets that detail all the steps involved.

Sandra has continued with tests and spent 4 hours in hospital having tests last week - all of which seemed to go to plan. Currently Sandra is still favourite and the best option I have (until I know my brothers results) - and I'm ever so grateful for her willingness to donate to me.

I have an appointment with my Nephrologist locally at the start of March so will have blood tests in two weeks time to monitor my kidney function. The transplant surgeon said it was unlikely my kidneys were deteriorating as fast as we thought - so this test will give us the actual current position. Last time I was tested i was at 19% function.

It's been a difficult few weeks and I've had various feeling - some of upset and frustration that Sandra was not more tissue matches - felt let down by God (is this wrong?), have felt down because of the increased tiredness and am having more pain around my kidneys that sometimes makes it difficult to sleep - I guess tiredness also makes you see things out of perspective or feel more emotional. But it's fantastic news my brothers are willing to be tested for donation - a better tissue match will give me more chance in the future of having another kidney if needed.

Still believe I am in Gods hands.
In the bible it says that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28, NIV)
I believe he will heal me - he has it all sorted. Maybe I'm too impatient!
It would be amazing to be miraculously healed and not need an operation - but maybe God wants to heal me through a transplant.

One great bit of news is that occupational health were very supportive of me working from home on Wednesdays and have written to my boss saying he needs to make reasonable adjustments to my work to support me through my illness. So I'm working from home every Wednesday for now and may increase this depending how tired I feel. This is really good because I'm in bed by 6pm several nights per week just to try and recover my energy levels.

Next Appointment is 1st March.
Hope to have blood results for both by brothers blood types by this appointment.

I'm really grateful to have so many friends around me supporting me and encouraging me. Thanks all for your love and support. My wife is just amazing - not sure how I could have ever got through this without her by my side - regardless of my dodgy kidneys my life is brilliant because of my fantastic wife.

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