Sunday, 19 February 2012

Blood Types

Pete has had his blood group result back and is an AB+ so not a blood match but could still donate if I undergo desensitisation treatment.

Both Pete and Andy have ultra sound tests booked first week in March.

Next week I have my next kidney function test.

So Sandra and Andy are blood group matches with me and Pete and Joybelle are both AB+

Tough week with increased pain and tiredness - aim to be in bed by 8pm most nights with Tuesdays and Sundays being my 6pm early to bed nights!

Looking toward to being totally healed and full of energy again soon.

Need hospitals to get on with tests do that I get a transplant ahead of needing dialysis.

Used to think I was positive and full of faith - now feeling weak emotional at times. Frustrated that I am not well like I should be.

Still believing it won't be long till I'm all fixed up.

Keep praying!

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