Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dialysis Progress

Dialysis is going well. I'm feeling much better and have more energy. I'm not sleeping in the afternoons anymore and am hoping to go back to work soon.

I've just finished a course of vitamin B12 injections which should help my energy levels improve further.

The fluid restrictions are quite harsh - I can't drink more than about a litre of fluid each day - and that includes gravy, soup, jelly, yogurts, etc. That's probably the worst thing. Most of my other blood levels are fine so the rest of my diet is unaffected at the moment.

My fistula operation was cancelled on 27th Dec because the ultrasound showed my veins were too thin in my left arm. I have another scan next week on 24th Jan to scan my right arm. Hopefully they will get on with the operation quickly after this.

The line in my neck that is currently used for dialysis is now 5 weeks old. At times blood flow is very slow through it. A fistula will allow much faster blood flow and therefore better filtration during dialysis.
Yesterday my line completely stopped working at the end of my dialysis session - it took a hour to get me off the machine - during which a very large blood clot was extracted from my line. My blood flow is still poor so its possible there is still some blockage in the line.
They have started using a special lock to try and clear the blockage and yesterday I had an infusion of something (I think is was Urokinase but don't quote me!) to try and help ease the blood flow. The idea of large blood clots in my line doesn't exactly thrill me but I'm still breathing so I've got to believe God is in control.

I'm hoping to get a urology appointment with a surgeon soon so that I can discuss a nephrectomy to remove one of my failed kidneys.

I'm trying to get the most out of the rest time I have on dialysis. I am reading books and email and watching iplayer etc. Everyone is very friendly at the dialysis centre and all of the nurses are brilliantly helpful. It's not as daunting as I thought it might me.

I'm still believing for a transplant from the national waiting list - but this does limit how far I can travel from Bristol. So no trips abroad for me in the near future.

We have decided to plan a holiday this year and have booked a week in an apartment in Torquay. This was complicated by needing to also book holiday dialysis but we are all sorted now and have something to look forward to in the summer - just praying for a week of sunshine when we go away to the wonderful English Riviera!

Thanks for all your support and prayers.
Looking forward to the day I receive a kidney.

Rob & Joy