Sunday, 26 February 2012

Latest Kidney Function Report

I logged into the patient results system on Tuesday this week to find that Bristol had uploaded results from 17th Jan.
They reported my kidney function as 17% a 2% drop since my last test result from 22nd November last year. This means I'm still loosing 1% function per month.

The consultant in Gloucester wanted me transplanted by 15% so I'm now only 2 months away from this. Not sure the system is currently making things happen fast enough.

Pete has an ultrasound scheduled for Friday this week, Andy has one the following week.

Hopefully we can get cross match tests scheduled in Bristol ASAP.

Last Tuesday I had my last Hepatitis B immunisation jab. (it is a course of 3 injections) I get tested at the end of April to check its worked. If not I can have one more course of injections. Apparently you have to have Hep B before transplantation because it's not possible to have it once I'm on anti rejection and immune suppressant drugs. Given after transplant I'll be on these drugs for life I needed to have it as it would never be an option in the future and I I may need it in future jobs, travel, etc.

This Thursday I see my renal consultant locally for a check up - hoping to encourage him to get things speeded up so that I get a transplant before I need dialysis. Apparently the transplant has better and longer success rates if you have it before ever having needed dialysis.

Also if I end up on dialysis I'll need minor operations to set me up and will then need to stay on dialysis for a good 6 months before they will consider transplant. Dialysis is an inconvenience I'd like to avoid.

Still feeling very tired but my boss is being very supportive and understanding so couldn't have a better employer for this present time in my life.

Am trying to drop commitments outside of work to allow me more time for rest.
No longer involved in running prayer at church but keeping busy with Church IT systems as I'm keen to get them all in tip top condition so that everything runs smoothly whilst I'm off.

Praying for a positive week in terms of rest/energy and pain and a good response from my consultant to get things moving along with a bit more haste this week.

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