Monday, 30 January 2012

Cross Match Results

Good meeting today with surgeon.
I'm now on the national deceased transplant register.

They've checked out my kidneys and believe there is space on the left for my transplanted kidney. On my right my kidney is too big so there is no available space.

They've also said I am fit and well enough to transplant so another tick in the box.

The only slightly disappointing thing is that I only got 1 out of 6 matches in the cross match testing. 1 is still good enough to proceed but is less than we'd expected. We now need to make a decision. Do we :-
1. Proceed with Sandra's donation - current favourite option
2. Go onto dialysis and wait for a better match from the national organ donation system. Least favourite option. Could be a six year wait.
3. Go on the paired exchange scheme to see if someone wants to swap a better matching kidney - could be a long wait.
4. Go on desensitisation programme and see if Joy is better match - still early days for this technology - probably not an option.
5. Check if blood relations are better match now that genetic screening is an option?

So lots to still think about.
Staying positive - this will all work out.


  1. Hi Rob, Sam (Ettle) here. I just saw Pete's post on facebook with the link to your blog. Sorry to hear your news, we are thinking of you out here in Korea. Love to you & yours. xx