Sunday, 29 January 2012

Status Update

Kidney Function : 19%
Weight : 13' 10"
Symptoms : swollen ankles and feet, difficult to stand and walk at times, hiatus hernia and restricted stomach space due to size of kidneys and liver, sore at times and unable to lie on sides in bed, some back pain, tired by 6pm most nights and if I'm not out will try and be in bed as early as possible. Love sleep!

Don't really like thinking about operation and future. I don't do needles of blood and guts! Have to turn away from TV when Joybelle and Beck are watching Holby City!
Just want operation to be over and get life back to 'normal' what ever that will be.

Amazing that Sandra is Willing to give a kidney - if she didn't I would definitely end up on dialysis whilst waiting for a donor from the national transplant system. Sandra hardly knows me and there is no reason why I deserve her kidney - amazing - like the free gift of life given by God.
God is my provider and sustainer Psalm 23:1 I will not be in want.

Appointments :
17/01/12 - living transplant cross match tests with Sandra
27/01/12 - cardiogram
28/01/12 - PKD patient information day in Leciester
30/01/12 - meeting with surgeon who will do my operation
30/01/12 - deceased transplant team
31/01/12 - meeting with occupational health to discuss home working 1 day per week.

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