Tuesday, 11 December 2012

First dialysis

I saw a consultant for my fistula operation on Monday and have an ultra sound booked for Thursday lunchtime. Hopefully I will have a fistula operation on 27th Dec.

Today I had a central venous catheter installed - not an especially pleasant procedure. Then I had an X-ray and my first 2 hours of dialysis. It took all day. I start dialysis properly tomorrow. The only available dialysis slot was Mon Wed Fri 4-9pm that should be ok especially when I'm back at work which is good news.

I don't feel much different after today but hopefully after Friday's dialysis I will start feeling better.

I've got a free hospital parking permit which is a bonus as parking costs a fortune at the hospital.

All in all not a bad day really.

Amazing that our tiny kidneys that God created in us can do a 10x better job that all this man made equipment. We are living miracles, thank you God

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