Monday, 10 December 2012

Dialysis Begins

I saw a surgeon today about a fistula operation. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday to map the best fistula location on my arm.
The surgeon has an available slot to conduct the operation on the day after Boxing Day - 27th December. It will take about six weeks for the fistula to mature and become usable.

Whilst at the hospital we saw my consultant and explained my increasing symptoms which now include sore feet, ankles and hands due to the increased level of toxins in my bloodstream and some breathlessness when climbing stairs etc. My kidney function has slightly improved its likely this is due to the fact I am eating less. My Haemoglobin and White Blood Count have all dropped and I am now slightly anaemic. In view of this he agreed it's time to start me on dialysis via a line in my neck.

This is scheduled for tomorrow - Tuesday 11th Dec at 11am. They will insert the neck line and give me two hours dialysis. I will then attend one of Gloucester's two dialysis centres 3 times per week. We still need to work out how this will fit into our life as its a significant change in routine.

Once my fistula is usable the neck line will be removed.

Thanks for everyone's support and prayers so far. This next stage in my kidney failure is rather scary and daunting as we adjust to the change this will bring to our family life, so we would both appreciate prayer for protection over us and your prayers that all goes to plan and I avoid infection whilst I have the neck line in as these are prone to infection which can be serious.

Still believing for a transplant - in God's timing.

Rob & Joy

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