Saturday, 10 November 2012


Lots of people have commented that I look so well / normal and you wouldn't know I was ill.

But I do have lots of symptoms.

Here is list of symptoms :-
1. Tiredness - need lots of sleep and rest to get through the day.
2. Kidney pain - because they are so large they are pushing against my other organs.
3. Back pain - caused by kidneys pressing onto my spine.
4. No appetite - kidneys have cramped my stomach so there is little room for food.
5. Hiatus hernia from acid reflux pushed out of stomach by kidneys.
6. Heartburn and burning in oesophagus from acid reflux.
7. Weight loss from not eating.
8. Really dry mouth most of the time.
9. Metallic taste in mouth most of the time.
10. Sore feet and flabby calves - from fluid retention.
11. Sore fingers and aching arms - again from fluid retention.
12. Difficulty sleeping - unable to get comfortable as kidneys cause pain when lying down.
13. Wake up lots at night for toilet as kidneys work overnight catching up on fluid removal.
14. High blood pressure linked to kidney disease.
15. Unable to stand up for long periods as kidney pain increases when stood up.
16. Difficulty focusing on anything for very long - means I can't even use the time off work for reading books.
17. Feel really cold most of the time - hence I often wear two jumpers!
18. Very itchy skin especially at night.
19. Hiccups - caused by reflux and it usually takes ages to go!

If you think I look like there is nothing wrong with me then I'm doing a good job. Despite the symptoms I am doing my best to stay positive as much as possible - we have God on our side.

I see my Gloucester consultant this week and expect to set a date for beginning dialysis.

Keep praying.

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