Monday, 12 November 2012

Consultant Appointment

We saw my Gloucester based nephrologist today to discuss progress.

He was (as always) very good, taking the time to listen to our concerns and questions.

We asked about dialysis and he was keen we wait as long as possible leaving it to the very last minute before starting. He wants me to wait until my kidney function is around 7/8% or potassium levels become unmanageable or I see an increase in breathlessness.

My kidney function is just still at 10% but right on the edge of 9%.

He also said providing Sandra's tests are positive and she is able to donate rather than put me on PD or HD he would want me to be dialysed via a temporary neck line. This is exactly what I wanted - so good news.

We asked about physical space for the transplanted kidney which is all disappearing due to my growing polycystic kidneys. He has taken an action to contact the surgeon in Bristol with a view to agreeing either removal in December ahead of potential transplant in Feb 13 or alternatively a double op in Feb with removal and transplant done in one go.

Because my kidneys are so large I'm hardly eating and over the past week have been loosing 1lb a day. He will ask the dietician to call me to discuss protein shakes as a way to keep my weight up so I am strong for the operation.

Sandra is off to Bristol Tuesday & Wednesday this week so we should know by next week if she is ok to donate. If she is we think it will be an operation in Feb next year. If she can't donate then I will probably go onto HD proper dialysis and just wait for a kidney from the national transplant list.

Hoping Sandra can donate - just a week to wait until we know. Just 12 weeks until a potential transplant operation - not that I'm counting!

Ideally I need to keep going without dialysis for another 6 weeks - so please pray for strength to keep going.

I popped out to Morrisons earlier today for a load of bread and bumped into an old friend. I couldn't stop her taking and after 15 minutes I was feeling really ill so I made my excuses. By the time I got home I was totally worn out. Just standing up for 15 minutes wiped me out. It's taken an hour of rest in bed to recover.

So strength to keep going is all I need - we're on the home straight - final few weeks until transplant and health.

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