Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Appointments Scheduled

Amazingly Bristol hospital have managed to schedule three appointments next week for Sandra's tests. These include a GFR kidney function test, a CT scan and an appointment with a nephrologist.

Perhaps my complaint has helped because its unusual to get appointments that are so soon - normally appointments are at least a month away when they get scheduled.

Got updated kidney results from Mondays blood test - these results put me on 10% with a creatinine level of 561 and Urea has increased by 30% to 19.2. Dialysis is too close for comfort.

Tonight the UK parliament discussed PKD and a health minister (Anna Soubry) agreed to meet up with representatives from the PKD Charity which is excellent news and may result in some funding for research. The current UK government investment into PKD research is £0 which is astounding when its thought to affect up to 60,000 people in the UK.

A comment by health minister Anna Soubry was that 'PKD patients can require special consideration for dialysis and transplant treatment.'
I've sent this comment through to NHS Gloucestershire in the hope it helps them push Bristol to schedule my operation.

Watch the discussion here if you're interested...

Transplant before dialysis - still needs a miracle - but it might just happen.
Keep watching this space - we should have Sandra's results within the next fortnight.

Keep praying.

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