Sunday, 29 April 2012


Feeling much better since my increase in kidney function.
Without this increase I could b gettin close to needing dialysis - so ths is a gift from God to keep me from needing dialysis.

Have had some pain because of the size of my kidneys so taking regular pain killers so that I can sleep. On Saturday night I had some acute pain in my right kidney - think this was a small cyst popping - but was ok a few minutes later.

Hospital have said they want to progress with testing my brother Pete and use him to donate providing all tests go to plan. First appointment is a week on Wednesday.

I have blood tests this week to check my Hepatitus inoculations were successful.
Then next week I see my consultant so will have tests to check my kidney function.
Also have an evening support group in Bristol in a three weeks time for Kidney recipients.

My work continue to be supportive so everything is going as well as possible.

Saw my boss at work this week and he said he knew of two people who'd had kidney disease and by my state he said they were very ill and certainly not still working. I must have someone watching over me :)

Thanks for all your prayers. They are working!

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