Thursday, 12 April 2012

Test Result Finally Arrive

Finally got news of test results today.

Last week they called to say they were discounting Pete because his blood type was too different to mine for desensitisation to be successful - so we told Pete he got to keep both his Kidney's!

Today we got cross match results back for both Pete and Andy as follows :-

Andy - blood type match and 2 out of 6 tissue type matches
Pete - no blood type match but 3 out of 6 tissue type matches

Sandra was previously a blood type match with 1 out of 6 tissue type matches

The hospital now will reconsider their decision to take Pete off my list of potential donors because he is the best tissue match. A better tissue match would make it easier in the future if I needed a second kidney but the plan is for this transplant to last the rest of my life - so 30+ years.

The hospital have said I am really lucky to have so many potential donors - most people don't even have 1 and end up on dialysis.
They've also said they will review my case next week and will make the decision who to proceed with - so it looks like the decision it out of our hands now.

Sandra is really keen to donate and is furthest along the pre op tests so could transplant quickest.
Pete has the best cross match tests but isnt a blood type match so I would need to undergo at least two weeks of desensitisation in order for him to donate - this involves pumping my blood through a machine to alter its structure and chemical properties - which will leave me feeling pretty I'll.
Andy has two matches and wouldn't need desensitisation, but he's under 40 so can't be officially confirmed disease free until he's over 40 so he will need extra tests to try and be 95% sure he is ok to donate.

Both Pete and Andy have young families which makes the impact of the Op more significant because they won't be able to help look after their kids for 6 weeks after the op.

No easy choices but trusting God the right decision will be made - perhaps its a good thing the hospital want to make the decision.

Feeling tired most of the time - often sleeping at lunch time if not in work - someone will probably find me asleep at my work desk sometime soon!

Kidney function at 15% so officially have kidney failure. Believing I will get a transplant before needing dialysis. Some people go on dialysis at 15% others last until 8% but I'm loosing 1% per month so I need a transplant ASAP.

Lots of people praying - hence why I'm doing so well - long may it continue!

I'm still smiling and learning patience.

Thanks everyone for your support.

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