Monday, 13 January 2014

Home Dialysis Commences

We started home dialysis on 6th January 2014. YIPPEE!!

It's absolutely brilliant.
In the three weeks prior to starting at home we'd been spending nearly 20 hours a week at hospital so we never felt like we got a break over Christmas.
But this first week at home has been a revelation. It has been very relaxing and really felt like we've had a rest.

We are dialysing five times a week at home instead of three times at hospital. This means I will get better results with more toxins getting filtered out of my blood and I'll feel a whole lot better. 
Today I went back to work and definitely felt like I had more energy - had such a good day. Plus, because we can dialyse anytime we like, I can start working more full days which will positively impact my life in terms of job satisfaction and bank balance!

My incredible wife Joy is just the best nurse I could possibly imagine. She's better than a real nurse because she takes her time to really care for me. What am amazing gift she is. Joy sets up the machine, inserts my needles and keeps a check on me every 30 minutes. Then she gently removes my needles and tidies up everything. She is a great blessing to my life. I love her completely.

Home Dialysis is brilliant it's the best thing to happen since I became ill.
Feels like we've got back control of our lives. 
Thank You God.

Keep praying :-
1. For Home Dialysis to continue to go well
2. That I continue to avoid infection
3. For a perfect donor kidney in the future

Thanks for reading and for supporting us on our journey.

Rob & Joy


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