Monday, 6 October 2014

Progress update - Second Kidney Removal Planned.

Been a long time since I last wrote an update so here's a catch up

We all love Home Dialysis
So home haemo dialysis (HHD) is going really well - the freedom and flexibity it has given back to us is priceless.

Joy is doing a fantastic job as my nurse and I feel so privileged to have such a wonderful wife who is willing to do this for me.

We dialyse 4 or 5 times each week and the increased frequency is paying dividends in me feeling so much stronger and healthier. Joy takes monthly bloods which are then processed by the hospital so we can keep check on the following electolytes (Calcium, Potassium, Phosphate, Haemoglobin, liver and kidney function)  To prepare for my operation this week Joy had to take 7 tubes for pre-op,1 for Transplant updates and 1 post-dialysis to check the effectiveness of the session.

At the start of March I had several cyst ruptures which resulted in lots of pain and blood in my urine for 2 weeks.

On Friday 21st March I had a CT scan to investigate the current status of my remaining kidney - this was good timing given the recent cyst rupture.
The scan results were provided by my consultant the following Monday and are provided below :-

CT Renal with contrast Both :
Non-contrast and 120 seconds images of renal area.
Previous portal venous phase CT  11th May 2013.
Previous left nephrectomy noted.  There are several foci of calcification in right polycystic kidney.
These are all less than 7 mm but in the interval there has been minor increase in the size.
There is no
There are now a few haemorrhagic cysts scattered amongst the numerous simple cysts enlarging right kidney.  Largest haemorrhagic cyst is 2.5 cm. Some of the foci of calcification in the periphery of cysts could be from previous haemorrhage.
There is little normal renal parenchyma. No contrast is seen in the collecting system at 120 seconds.
Associated multicystic liver disease noted.
splenomegaly of 14 cm. Patent splenic and portal vein.
No other abnormality seen.

This is the first time Gloucester Hospital have spotted multicystic liver disease - although from other scans I've seen we already knew my liver has a large number of cysts. At some point it is likely that part of my liver will need to be removed. This report also says my spleen is bigger than it should be - but I don't want a spleenectomy as reduces the bodies natural immune protection system and increases the risk of infection.

My one remaining kidney is getting larger and more painful and on Tuesday this week (7th October 2014) I will be having it removed in Cheltenham hospital.
This will leave me with no kidney function whatsoever. 

The benefits of having the kidney removed are a big reduction in pain in my sides and back and less risk of major infection and significant pain from cyst ruptures.

The disadvantages are that I may feel more tired more quickly and may need to dialyse more frequently.

Prayer Points:
Pray that infections are completely avoided during my stay in hospital.
The operation goes well and my recovery time is quick.
Pray that a new perfectly matched kidney becomes available - soon!

Rob & Joy

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  1. Thanks for the info Rob it really helps to understand the details. We are praying for you and hope that you have a peaceful day tomorrow. Please tell Joy to ask us for help, even if that's only lifts for the kids. Looking forward to spending a great evenjng together soon, love Deb and Steve