Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Waiting for Joys Test Results

Two weeks ago Joy (my wife) was tested for kidney donation.

It takes 4 weeks for the cross match results to become available - so on 19th September we'll call the hospital for the outcome.

We are still believing for a transplant before dialysis - although Pete's unexpected results were a shock - we're staying faithful.

It's been over 8 months since referral for transplant. My kidney function continues to decline so to get the transplant before needing dialysis is going to require a miracle.

So please pray for :-
1. Great cross match result for Joy.
2. Rapid further testing to get Joy to the point of being able to donate.
3. An early transplant operation date and space on the desensitisation programme to fit ahead of the operation.
4. My kidneys to keep me going until the operation.
5. For operations to go well, for rapid healing and avoidance of infections.
6. For brother Pete (who can't donate due to having the same kidney disease as me) to remain in good health.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Rob & Joy

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