Thursday, 27 September 2012

PD or HD?

Saw my Gloucester consultant today - he was apologetic that Bristol had not yet completed my transplant.

He is going to contact Bristol and see if he can speed things up. In the mean time he has asked for a decision by tomorrow morning on whether I want to go on PD or HD dialysis.

HD - Haemodialysis
This form of dialysis requires a fistula to be created on my arm for access for use during dialysis. A fistula joins an artery and vein to create a hard blood muscle on the arm providing fast blood flow for dialysis. A fistula takes 6-8 weeks to form after an operation which is done under general anaesthetic. This should have been done well before now so it may be too late for this option and a short term work around could be a direct line into my neck.
This dialysis would need to be done at the hospital for about 6 hours three times per week.
HD Explained -
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PD - Peritoneal Dialysis
This uses your peritoneum to help dialyse - a small tube is inserted into the stomach via an operation. After a few weeks this can be used.
Basically 2 litres of fluid is pumped into my tummy and it sits there for about eight hours and is then pumped out with all the bad stuff the kidneys used to remove. This can be done overnight but has higher infection risks and I still have to retain 2 litres of fluid in me 24x7 - not comfortable with my massive polycystic kidneys already cramping my body. But because this form of dialysis is done 7 days a week from home it means slightly less fluid and diet restrictions compared to HD.
PD Explained -
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Currently thinking if we go PD we have a few more weeks for a potential miracle transplant ahead of dialysis.

It's a tough decision.

It reminds me how amazing our bodies are to do all this without machines for most people.

Psalm 139:14 (NLT) says
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvellous—how well I know it.

Smile every time I go to wee at the moment!

Keep praying.
Still not given up on getting a transplant before dialysis - but time is getting short.

Rob & Joy x

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