Sunday, 4 January 2015

Blue Hands

3 months post second kidney removal health is taking a dip. 

Life was much better with kidneys as God designed. All the man made dialysis technology doesn't compare.

After the ups and downs of the op in October things had settled down and I began to feel quite well with strength  returning in November. 

But towards end of December my strength dropped. On dialysis yesterday my hands went blue - not sure why. 

We called the kidney ward and asked if they would get the on call kidney consultant paged. We spoke to Dr Morriaty - a fab kidney doctor. He said not to worry and we've booked in for a dialysis slot during the day on Tuesday for assessment. 

So much for returning to work next week...
That's quite frustrating - as work are expecting me and I'm expecting to be back. 
Hopefully this will be a short recovery blip once treatment settings have been tweaked. 

We're still trusting for a kidney in the near future to put my body back into natural balance. 

Keep praying - the journey continues - and God is still in control (thank goodness)

Pretty photos of my hands follow :-

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