Friday, 19 July 2013

Back to Work

Had a meeting with occupational health a 3 months ago and they agreed I could go back to work. I then had to wait a month to meet with my boss - but managed that finally and so I started work in August. Next week I increase to two full days which it good progress. 

My Haemoglobin levels have returned to normal. It took 3 months to rise from 70 to 90 and in the last 3 weeks it jumped from 90 to 129 which has meant I'm feeling better now than I have done for the last year.

We are now getting me on and off dialysis without a nurse - so we are getting ready for home dialysis. Inserting the needles has been challenging but we are used to it now.

Today I heard that the company who used to provide home dialysis have been let go by the hospital and they're now trying to get agreement from a different company. My consultant hopes we will be home dialysing by Christmas which will be brilliant. It's been a long time coming and it's taken lots of letters to various people to get things moving. The hospital stopped paying the previous company over a year ago and it caused a contract breakdown - its taken a year for both sides to start talking again!

Most of my blood levels are normal which is great and I'm feeling very well.

Thanks for all your support and prayers. Next leg of the journey is getting a transplant and that could happen anytime. 

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