Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Operation Tomorrow

Lots has happened since my last blog.

On 3rd April I got admitted to hospital overnight because of severe backpain. I was in hospital for 5 days until I eventually got strong enough morphine patches to control the pain.

By the second day in hospital Becki's fundraising site had hit the target of £6k - which meant we could start planning the operation. Amazing.

If you've not seen Becki's video here is the link.
Since seeing this video the surgeon who will be removing my kidney's has asked if Becki would be willing to help produce some patient information videos.

Since being discharged from hospital we have managed my pain using the patches which I change every 3 days. I've spent most of my time resting and sitting up for more than an hour results in me having a lot of pain. Walking is still difficult at times.

Joy has managed to contact the hospital and get me booked in for an operation to remove my kidneys which is scheduled for tomorrow - 24th April 2013. The surgeon has agreed to remove both kidneys if he can - providing the first kidney comes out easily. I'm in hospital tonight and have had some pre op tests and an extra session of dialysis to prepare me for tomorrow.

Here are a few things to pray for :-
1. That the operation goes well and the surgeon is able to remove both kidneys.
2. That I don't have to have a blood transfusion - as this will impact my options in respect of future kidney donation.
3. For good pain management and a speedy recovery.
4. That Joy and the kids cope with everything this week.

Hopefully I'll be out of hospital by next Wednesday but until then Joy has given me a ton of sweets to keep me going. Although I can't have any after midnight tonight - so by my operation tomorrow afternoon I'll be starving!

We know we have lots of support from family and friends who are praying like mad for us - thank you all for all you're doing.
We're all still smiling because of your support and love.

Rob & Joybelle
& the kids xx

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