Monday, 6 August 2012

Transplant Update

We saw the surgeon today and he gave us the good news that it was likely Pete would be able to donate a kidney once the CT Scan had been properly reviewed by a radiologist.

This is great because we got confirmation of the two specific things we needed which were for Pete's kidney function to be high and his kidneys to be of equal size.

Petes kidney function is 98% which is brilliant - mine is between 14-16% at the moment. When he donates a kidney his kidney function will reduce by half as he will be operating on a single kidney.

There are still lots of further steps in the process but the news today is positive - although it would have been really good to know if the CT Scan was ok - perhaps I still need to develop more patience.

We will hear if Petes scan is clear next Monday 13th August. They want to ensure there are limited veins in his kidney as this simplifies surgery to disconnect and transplant the kidney. Over the past few months they have aborted several transplants because the donor had too many veins.
They are also checking there are no stones or cysts so they can be sure they will leave Pete with a good kidney and will transplant me a good kidney to make the effort worthwhile.

Provided Petes CT scan is ok then we will get a joint appointment with the desensitisation consultant - he will explain the process in more detail and make a decision if I am suitable for desensitisation. I need desens treatment because Pete and I are different blood types. This treatment is similar to dialysis and requires around six weeks, 3 days per week of treatment to remove antibodies from my blood so I don't reject Petes foreign blood in his kidney that gets transplanted.

Because desens is fairly new to Bristol they are very careful about who can have it. It significantly reduces my immune system which when added to the imunosuppressant and anti rejection drugs post transplant means my ability to fight infection will be near zero. So they've said if I get any more kidney infections they may choose to not allow me the treatment because of the high risk. (I had an infection in June this year)

The surgeon felt my kidneys and said he thinks they have got quite a lot bigger since January but he thinks there will be sufficient space for the transplanted kidney. If space becomes a problem they would proactively remove a kidney and put me onto dialysis for a while before transplant - but this would significantly delay my transplant and evidence shows people who have never had dialysis do better and last longer on a transplant.

Bristol think they may be able to arrange desens treatment in September with an op possible in October.

So here's a list of things to pray for :-
1. Thank God that Pete has very good kidney function and equal sized kidneys which means he can donate.
2. For perfect CT Scan results - few veins making operation simpler and no cysts or stones in either kidney.
3. For me to stay infection free and for super natural ability to defend infection whilst antibodies are low.
4. That the desens consultant agrees to provide the treatment I need.
5. That my kidneys don't grow any bigger and I have room for the transplant.
6. That we get dates quickly for appointments and the start of treatment.

I turned 40 in July - this op marks the start of my next 40 years which I know are going to be brilliant.

Thanks to you all for your ongoing support and care - we really appreciate you all.

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