Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fallible Me

Got very ill a week and a half ago. I still wanted to go into work but Joybelle wouldn't let me. Was really quite annoyed I had to miss going into work.

I had pain in my kidneys, high temperature, very high blood pressure and breathing was hard work compared to normal.
When the doctor arrived she sent me straight into hospital where I stayed for two days.

On arrival at casualty the triage nurse did my pulse - i had a resting pulse of 250 - that got me into a bed within a minute which beats the usual 4 hour wait in casualty!
I spent several hours in a resus bed with a dedicated doctor and then got moved to the majors bed bay. Eventually I got moved into a ward where I stayed a couple of nights.

I had SEPSIS which is a severe internal infection in my kidneys - http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000666.htm

After lots of antibiotic I'm all sorted again.
One of the side effects of infection is further damage to my already damaged kidneys. Over the week my kidney function dropped from 17% down to 14% which puts me into kidney failure.

Pete my brother has tests at the start of August to see if he can donate me a kidney - if he can I just need the hospital to get on and plan my operation before I need dialysis.

My next appointment with my consultant is 19th July so should get an update on kidney function then to see how it's doing.

Thanks for all your ongoing support and prayers.

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